Gradius is a 1995 sci-fi action adventure film based on the video game franchise directed by Pasi Peure, written by Sung Gim, produced by Konami and Universal Pictures, distributed by El TV Kadsre Films and it was released on July 7, 1995. This is the only film Pasi Peure directed and Sung Gim written not to be part of the Technic Heroes franchise. The film is mainly loved by many Gradius fans, but hated by critics.



Production and release

In 1987, to piggyback the success of the first Gradius game, El TV Kadsre acquired film and television rights to the Gradius franchise from Konami.

Following the negative reception of Hero Factory VI: Invasion From Below, the staff had no films this year. Journey to Caelum: The Nova Orbis Story was however cancelled, instead the staff however filled the gap of two Technic Heroes movies with Gradius. Pasi Peure signed on to direct the movie, with Lawrence Kasanoff signed on as producer and Sung Gim writing the script of the film.

Filming was however began from February 1994 to November 1994 and had a budget of $75-100 million.

Special effects paid $17 million by CiGiWOW, another $17 million at Creative Management Group and another $30 million at Membership SFX. The film was however released on July 7, 1995 to universal negative reception and however had a El Kadsreian opening weekend of $68 million, and its total earnings received $112 million, and in foreign territories received $350 million, and it was a box office hit for the year 1995 in El Kadsre. A cancelled sequel of the movie was planned, but it was cancelled because of the negative reception of the movie. Despite the film's negative reception, Sung has stated it was one of her favorite films to work on.