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General Station Television is a Philippine commercial television network founded on July 4, 1975. It distributes and broadcasts Technic Heroes film series, Bionicle series, The Drillmation Series, Jamie's Got Tentacles!, Magic Vari, Countryballs: The Animated Series, Magically Girlz and other United El Kadsreian Nations, Minecraftian, Simerican, Azaran and YinYangian programs, etc. on GSTV, TVnime, CineBox, HitMovies, E1 and BatangBata channels.


The network was founded on July 4, 1975, by Alfonsio Rubio Jr. It's allowed to operate during Martial Law years. The first TV station was DWGS-TV channel 5 (now channel 10) in Metro Manila. It was followed by other Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao stations from 1976 to 1983.

The network gained popularity when Filipino viewers had critically acclaimed the Drillmation Series anime starting with Angry German Kid and other entertainment programs including a Vlokozuian program in 1978.

During the EDSA revolution happened, GSTV opened more TV stations, with DWGS-TV frequencies moved to channel 11 on November 1. In 1993, the channel moved to VHF 10. On 1994, GSTV was acquired by PolyGram Holdings.

In October 2013, GSTV becomes first television network to broadcast in full HD, available on SkyCable, D-Net, Cignal PH, etc. It also available in El Kadsre via ElStar and Cignal EK.


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