The condition of being frozen solid (凍った固体 Kōtta Kotai?) is the process of being enclosed in ice. The most common causes of this are being hit by an icy projectile or gazing at a monster that does this. There are several spell cards that can do this and is generally difficult to master.


Victims of this status problem are seen as generally unmovable and unconscious. It takes a lot of examination to determine whether not a person is dead or frozen. Drillers who are ice-based cannot be frozen solid.

Known victimsEdit

Victim Instance
Kumiko Uchida Saw the basilisk's reflection in the water on the bathroom floor.
Megumi Wakui Saw the basilisk on Instagram through her phone; the basilisk's gaze also turned her SIM card into a crisp.
Ryuta Shigematsu Saw the basilisk in the mirror while near the restroom.
Meira Katsumoto Saw the basilisk in the mirror in the restroom, same thing happened to Ryuta.

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