Formula-R-Double (フォーミュラRダブル) is a top-down racing arcade game released in 1992 by Forcefield. It runs on Forcefield Gapsule hardware and is the sequel to Formula-R, which was released in the previous year. As the name may suggest, the game allows up to four two-player cabinets to be connected together, allowing a maximum of eight players to play instead of just four.

Gameplay Edit

Much like the previous game, the players control a respective Formula-One racer (1P being red, 2P being cyan, 3P being orange, 4P being magenta, 5P being green, 6P being yellow, 7P being violet and 8P being indigo) and must compete in a Formula-One race. Just like the first game, the players have their own set time limit and can increase the time by completing a lap or by reaching a checkpoint. If the player runs out of time, then their game is over and the race will continue on without them.

A new addition to the game is obstacles, such as oil and water puddles, ditches, traffic signs, and tripwires. The player must avoid crashing into these obstacles or they will destroy their car, losing time in the process. An obstacle that can aid the player are ramps, which will increase the player's speed and can jump over other cars.

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