Formula-R (フォーミュラR Fōmyura-Au?) is a racing game released in 1989 by Forcefield in Japan only. It runs on Forcefield BakuBaku hardware, and is the company's answer to Namco's Dirt Fox, which was released that same year. Formula-R was given a Famicom port in December 1989 and was developed by Arc System Works.

Formula-R allowed four cabinets to be connected, supporting four-player gameplay. The game features tracks that are loosely based on real-life tracks such as the Suzuka Circuit. Formula-R also featured one of the earliest instances of a "time attack" gamemode, as well as a generic singleplayer and mutliplayer mode. Formula-R was given several sequels and was ported to various video game consoles. The original game was ported to the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2017 as part of Forcefield Archives.

Gameplay Edit

Each player takes control of a colored Formula-One racer (1P is red, 2P is cyan, 3P is orange, and 4P being magenta) and must compete in a Formula One race; each player is given a set time limit to make it through a single lap, and when a lap is completed, the player's time is extended. Several checkpoints are also present which will increase the time and will have the player spawn there if the player makes it through before he/she dies. However, if any one of the players does not make it through a lap or to a checkpoint before their time runs out, then the game will be over and the game will continue with the other three players (unless the player is in single-player mode or time attack mode).

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