Liberty "Flavia" Darson (b. 18th January 2002) is a Brazilian-Kuboian recording artist and internet personality, who has over 9 million subscribers on YouTube and has been on multiple international hits. She is known for being the daughter of Assa Darson, and for being signed to Favelopia on her eighth birthday.

Early life Edit

Liberty was born at 3:13a.m. on 18th January 2002 in Salvador, Brazil. Her father is Brazilian singer Assa Darson, whilst her mother, Sifre Crows, was a Kuboian model. Liberty is named after Liberty City, a city which her mother spent most of her childhood in. Liberty spent the first three years of her life in Salvador. Until she turned 5, Liberty was mostly kept inside the house, and her birth was not announced in France, Heartlake, the Island of Sally, Sea Country Island, Amedisa or the Island of Soda in order to avoid XMUSIC (her father's rival) killing her.

In 2005, when Liberty’s parents divorced, she moved with her mother to Meifahrn, Kuboia. She only lived there for a half a year until she was moved back in with her father, however, due to her mother neglecting her. Since Liberty’s early childhood was very hectic, with her barely attending school, her father decided to sign her onto Favelopia for her eighth birthday, in order to keep her out of trouble and allow her to express her feelings in songs. As her father was already a good friend with the label’s founder, Mask Torn, she was signed for free.

Personal life Edit

Liberty and her father moved back to Kuboia in June 2010. As of 2018, the two live in her father’s mansion in the Kuboian Borders, with a butler.

Liberty coined her nickname, Flavia, in April 2009. Talking about coming up with her nickname, she stated ”I was surfing the internet, looking for names. I saw Flavia, and I liked it.”

Mother’s death Edit

On 25th November 2017, it was reported that Liberty’s mother, Sifre, had died in her sleep at the age of 59, due to drug misuse. Talking about her mother’s death, Liberty showed little emotion, stating that she ”didn’t really like [her] mum”. Sifre’s funeral was held on the 28th that month, with Liberty breaking down into tears when she was called to speak. At the start, it was believed to be a murder by XMUSIC and/or Zara Dawson, but the couple stated they did not know Sifre.

Liberty has stated that a song dedicated to her mother will be released sometime in Spring 2018.

Controversy and criticism Edit

Liberty as a whole has been criticised in the media, with several well-known celebrities passing her off as extremely egotistical, insensitive towards most people and a frequent bragger.

She has also been criticised by music fans and reviewers for “stealing” flows from other rappers. Liberty’s rapping is generally compared negatively to the likes of Eminem, Nas, T.I., Meek Mill and, by fans of Grime music, Kano.

Juicebox Awards Edit

During the Juicebox Awards 2014, Liberty won the award for "Best New Rapper". However, it was reported the next day that 52.8% of her votes were her own. Since this was technically not against the rules, Liberty got to keep her award, much to the media’s disbelief.

Liberty released a freestyle song, "Awards", in October 2014, referencing the case.

[undecided] Awards Edit

During an award show in the United States, Liberty was slapped in the face by Zara Dawson for bragging about being the “best” rapper.

Sallyish radio and television ban Edit

“So Radio Disney can play S and M but they can't play perfectly kid-friendly music? Radio Disney is f***ed up!” — Zara Dawson

In the Island of Sally, Liberty's songs were banned from the radio, and her music videos were banned from TV. This was caused due to her lying about a contract with Binkini Records to release her music in the Island of Sally.

However, her music videos may have been unbanned due to a Next pop-up on MTV saying that "Dancing With the Devil" is coming up next.

The next pop-up which suggests Liberty's music videos have been unbanned from Sallyish TV.

2014 fistfight Edit

On 17th June 2014, Liberty got involved in a fistfight with a Jetanie schoolgirl. According to Liberty, the girl was using racial insults towards her and ridiculing her career. The girl’s identity was kept confidential for legal reasons.

Further controversy occured when an early version of Liberty’s song "Dare To Be" referenced the fight. In the final version of the song, the lyrics were omitted, an agreement Liberty made with her father.

Feuds with other celebrities Edit

Yahtzee Edit

In July 2012, Jetanie rapper Yahtzee received criticism for calling Liberty "a fake gangster wannabe". Liberty seemed to ignore this at first until the release of her song "Fishing (for Competition)", which disses Yahtzee several times. Yahtzee responded in April 2013, in a freestyle of "Fishing (for Competition)", which was solely made to diss Liberty.

Liberty's father, Assa, showed displeasure towards the feud, and allegedly sent a threatening email to Yahtzee telling her to leave his daughter alone. It was noted that Liberty was reported severely upset and stressed out due to the feud. Because of this, Yahtzee was attacked with severe online and public shaming.

In August 2013, Yahtzee said she was done with the feud, and apologised with a video on her Twitter account.

On Liberty’s 13th birthday in January 2015, it was reported that Yahtzee has sent Liberty over R$4,000,000 worth of presents. Both Liberty and Assa showed shock towards this. Both Liberty and Yahtzee were later seen together in a Kuboian pub in April 2015 on good terms. Although Liberty has refused to state how the two resolved things, it is worth noting that the two have collaborated several times since, and Yahtzee goes out of her way to back up Liberty in her modern controversies.

Zara Dawson Edit

Due to Liberty ripping off Dawson's music video for her song "Get Ready For It", Dawson hates Liberty, and has made six diss tracks towards her. Recently, these diss tracks are also targeted towards her father Assa Darson and Melanie Martinez.

Dawson's diss tracks towards Liberty are:

  1. Don't F*ck With Me Flavia
  2. F*ck You
  3. Assa Darson's First Three Letters (Remix, XMUSIC ft. Zara Dawson)
  4. Flavia + Melanie Martinez = Bullsh*t
  5. Die, B*tch, Die
  6. A Diss

Recently, Dawson has taken to death threats, and is planning to murder Liberty. The evidence is in her song "A Diss".

Discography Edit

Studio albums Edit

Title Details Peak chart positions
Seeing Stars
  • Released: 30th June 2013
  • Format: CD, vinyl, digital download
  • Label: Favelopia
7 1 1 7 45
Dedicated To
To be released

Extended plays Edit

Title Details Peak chart positions
Ain't Gonna Snooze
  • Released: 30th June 2017
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Label: Favelopia
14 7 2 53
  • Released: 1st December 2017
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Label: Favelopia
13 6 1 31 40

Collaborative albums Edit

Title Details Peak chart positions
Street Pop Vol. 1
(with Favelopia Music Group)
  • Released: 21st November 2010
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Label: Favelopia
11 1 1 24 13 21
Street Pop Vol. 2
(with Favelopia Music Group)
  • Released: 29th April 2012
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Label: Favelopia
10 34 2 1 17 16 36
Street Pop Vol. 3
(with Favelopia Music Group)
  • Released: 5th April 2015
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Label: Favelopia
15 17 2 1 18 20
Street Pop Vol. 4
(with Favelopia Music Group)
  • Released: 2nd March 2018
  • Format: CD, digital download
  • Label: Favelopia
14 29 1 1 24 59

Singles Edit

As lead artist Edit

Title Year Peak chart positions Album Certificates
"Dancing With the Devil" 2010 6 9 19 2 1 12 7 9 15 Street Pop Vol. 1
  • ABPD: Gold
  • BPI: Silver
  • OJC: Silver
  • KSR: Gold
"Millionaires" 2011 11 39 10 9 41 135 Non-album singles
"Don't Wanna Stop" 96 30 23 158
"Don't Shut My Eyes"
(featuring Neon King)
6 8 14 1 1 9 11 7 13 Street Pop Vol. 2
"Loyalty" 2012 26 6 2 54 133
"Lights Out" 8 18 25 2 1 37 13 35 29 Seeing Stars
"Fishing (for Competition)" 2013 43 34
"Rio" 30 38 32 56
"Black Light"
(featuring Neon King)
47 54 5 3 34 49 26 74
"Dancehall" 2014 25 7 5 25 32 16 Non-album single
"Dare To Be" 15 43 55 3 2 18 25 14 40 Street Pop Vol. 3
(featuring Mask Torn)
2015 53 9 6 40 56 152
"Gone" 2016 10 24 30 2 1 16 20 10 27 Ain't Gonna Snooze
"Be Right There" 2017 18 39 83 3 2 32 34 13 65
"Live Your Life" 9 13 16 1 1 10 7 8 23 Rebellion
"In The Game" 12 30 34 1 1 17 11 9 40
"Life Would Be" 2018
To be released
Dedicated To

As featured artist Edit

Title Year Peak chart positions Album Certificates
"Rock This Club"
($iGN@TURE featuring Flavia)
2015 14 1 1 23 Dedicated To
  • OJC: Gold
  • KSR: Gold
"Smoking Kills"
(Zoey Dawson featuring Flavia)
2018 16 8 34 zoey. (Deluxe edition only)
Dedicated To
(Yahtzee featuring Pop Village, Flavia, Black Card and DJ Shoe)
16 37 2 3 32 23 39 Chaotic Neutral

Promotional singles Edit

Title Year Peak chart positions Album
"Awards" 2014 48 6 Non-album singles
"Paris (We Got This)"
(Neon King featuring Flavia)
2015 135 27
(featuring Eminem)
2016 55 8
"Take You There"
(Stacey Boma featuring Flavia)
2018 68 December

Other charted songs Edit

Title Year Peak chart positions Album
"All My Life"
(Joker featuring Flavia and Soulbro)
2018 74 197 40 25 6 165 23 Street Pop Vol. 4
"Birds Sing"
(Mask Torn featuring Pop Village, Flavia, $iGN@TURE, RaSKool, ZD and Assa Darson)
85 37 11
"The Return"
(featuring MC Rock and Polish Whip)
"On Me"
(featuring P-Nut)


  • Marilyn (2018) - Jasmine Star (as Liberty Crows) (upcoming)