The El Kadsre remix version of the song by The Babysitter Circus, Everything's Gonna Be Alright, featuring American-El Kadsreian rapper Crazy Max, Australian rapper Neon Giraffe and El Kadsreian rapper Jackie Derpy was released in the United El Kadsreian Nations on January 7, 2012 and it peaked number 1 on the charts.

Lyrics Edit

See Everything's Gonna Be Alright (El Kadsre remix)/Lyrics

Charts Edit

The Babysitter Circus version Edit

El Kadsre remix Edit

Chart (2012) Peak


El Kadsreian Top 100 (Official El Kadsre Charts)
Japan (Japan Hot 100)
Chart (2017) Peak


El Kadsre Urban (Official El Kadsre Charts)

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