Ericka Ilizabeth Streets (2nd July 1985-10th November 2010) was a Kuboian recording artist, television presenter and actress. She is often considered the "mascot" of Nick Go!

She was a prominent figure on children’s television in Kuboia during the 2000s, presenting shows such as Pop and Don't Stop, Get Back at 'Em and Variety Pack, whilst also presenting Wednesday/Saturday morning magazine show Kickstart and annual award show The Nick Go Awards. She also released a total of three studio albums and one biography.

Streets died on 10th November, 2010 at the age of 25 after a successful suicide attempt.

Early life

Ericka Ilizabeth Streets was born on 2nd July, 1985. At the time of her birth, her family was in the middle of a holiday at the Kuboian Borders in South Kuboia. Streets residented for most of her childhood in Fahrbahnin in North Kuboia. Streets has an older brother, Hugo, who was born in 1983, though she did not see much of him during her childhood as their parents split when Streets was four. Hugo moved to Britribute with the father, whilst Ericka stayed in Fahrbahnin with the siblings’ mother.

Streets attended Easternhill Primary School until she was eleven. She temporarily attended Brockroad Academy in 1996, but was expelled after serious anti-social behaviour. Because of this, Streets never accumulated any qualifications in school.


1998 to 2002

In August 1998, when she was 13, Streets got a job as an Approach School assistant in Green Spot Approach Nursery. When talking about her time in the role in 2004, Streets explained ”I simply loved it. I would play with them, read them stories and sing with them. The kids loved me, the staff loved me. It was just amazing!” Streets remained in the role until her contact expired in June 2001. After Streets felt she was good with children, her mother sent her CV to MTV Networks Kuboia. In January 2002, Streets had an informal interview with Rodrick Miles, who allegedly told her that they weren’t looking for any employees at the moment, but agreed to get back to her if they needed any. So when Nick On The Go was away to be recorded, Streets was chosen to be one of the presenters, alongside Dan Guseo.

In order to keep herself occupied throughout 2002, Streets decided to record her singing some songs she wrote and produced herself. She recorded two songs, called "Shining" and "We're Gonna" in early 2002. Streets spent a few weeks looking for a record label to release the songs on, but failed, so decided to self-release both songs on 9th August, 2002.

2003 to 2005

Streets was the main character in the 2003 children’s music show Pop and Don't Stop and later began to present Kickstart in February 2004.

Streets was featured in the number-one hit "We're At It Again" by Tone Riddles and Bawk the Chicken, which also featured Sharlie Deem and Run Davidson.

In July 2004, it was reported that Ericka Streets would be releasing a cover of a "classic song" as the charity single for A Vision In Kids in 2005. This ended up being a cover of "I Got The..." by Labi Siffre, retitled "Mornin' Come (Sun Don't Shine)". The cover features Blade Holter, Andre Hung and Spy Fandel, who are all credited as "Kickstart Hosts", due to them being the four hosts of Kickstart at the time. The song was released as a single on 13th March, 2005 and reached #2 in Kuboia.

In October 2005, Streets released a charity single, "Here We Go" featuring Kuboian rapper Kool Teazer, which samples Black Lace’s recording of "I Am The Music Man". In early December 2005, Streets launched a campaign in an attempt to make it a Christmas number-one in Kuboia. Though the song only reached #3 during Christmas 2005, it eventually topped the charts in 2006.

Death and legacy

In October 2010, it was reported that Streets was suffering severe depression, was refusing to leave her home and was shutting out her family and friends so she could be alone. She was reported trick or treating on Halloween that year, with several citizens in her hometown mentioning that she looked severely underweight. Later, on 5th November that year, she was seen spending the entire day at Amusement Town in Reichetto.

On 11th November, 2010, it was reported that Streets had died after a suicide, which took place in Kuboian Cliffs. It was reported that her brother, Hugo, found his sister hanging from a tree branch in Kraftlink Forest at 9:49p.m. the previous night. Hugo released an open letter on the 14th that month saying "Ericka was going through a lot, and eventually it was too much."

The closure of Nick Go!, the cancellation of Kickstart, arguments with her friends and the breakup with Fandel have all been linked with Streets ending her life.

A private funeral was held for Streets on 21st November, 2010. Amongst the people who attended the funeral included Rodrick Miles, Violet Stars, Iroune Ruby, ZD, RockRhyme, Mask Torn, Assa Darson, MC Granny, Kool Teazer, the members of Rinava, Rob the Guitar, all of the Kickstart hosts and Streets' family. Streets was buried next to Aourine Esthers' resting place.


ZD's 2011 single, "Where Have You Gone?", which features RockRhyme, Kool Teazer and Zeke, is a tribute to Streets.

Personal life

Streets was diagnosed with autism when she was a child. She became a teetotaller when she was 20, and never smoked in her life.

On 16th February, 2006, it was reported that Streets had began dating Spy Fandel. The two later got engaged to each other in August 2008, and were scheduled to get married by August 2010. However, it was later reported in January of said year that the two had seperated.

In April 2010, it was rumoured that Streets had began dating her work partner Dan Guseo, but Guseo debunked the rumours, and said that Streets asked him out, but he declined.


Streets was a competitive Super Smash Bros. player. Although she only received moderate results, and never won any major tournaments, she was considered one of the best Pichu players in Melee.


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