The End-of-Year Ceremony (年末の式典 Nenmatsu no Shikiten?) is a yearly ritual performed on the last day of school. The ceremony awards a trophy to the alignment that had the most points. The alignment that wins has the gymnasium decorated in their colors.


In the animeEdit

Chuhou ProjectEdit

In Driller's first year, throughout his and Kagami's powerful contributions to Honoodan, the alignment won for the first time in seven years, the last time being 1998.

Ceremony sequenceEdit

The ceremony starts when everyone is seated. The principal gets on the podium and congratulates everyone for an excellent school year, and counts up the number of points that all alignments got. Then the bonuses are given, with one who had the highest GPA combined with all students in the alignment, the second being any winners of events, and the last for the alignment who had the least demerits or detentions. The principal then announces the winner of the school year, and the alignment having the most points wins and gymnasium becomes decorated with a light show based on the alignment's colors.

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