Eliza Quinn (born November 12, 1986) is an El Kadsreian Zumba Dancer, fitness instructor, YouTuber, VidSpacer, and music artist. She is known for her popular Zumba videos on VidSpace and YouTube, such as Boom Boom Baby, I Can Do That!, Super Girl, Following It, etc. She's one of the popular El Kadreian Zumba dancers and currently active on her YouTube and VidSpace channel (elizumba12).


She started the career as a dancer in 1998 when she was 12. She joined VidSpace in 2002 to make her Zumba videos. Her video Boom Boom Baby uploaded and became popular in 2005 when garnering over 6 million views in the first 3 weeks, now the video has over 134 million views as of 2017.



Videos uploaded to YouTube/VidSpaceEdit

Video Upload date Notes
Two Times 2002 (Vidspace)

2005 (YouTube)

Caliente 2003 (Vidspace)

2005 (YouTube)

Boom Boom Baby 2005
I Can Do That! 2006
La La Quezo 2008
Do The Party 2009
She Believes in Me 2010
Ding Dong 2013


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