El TV Kadsre is an El Kadsreian television network that serves all of El Kadsre. The company was founded in 1910 as a film production studio and became a TV station in 1951 as El Kadsreian Television, and was changed to the current name on March 23, 1964. In 1968, the second channel El TV Kadsre 2 was launched. In 1983, the third channel El TV Kadsre 3 was launched. In 1989, following the dissolution of the Vlokozu Union, Vlokozu Television renamed to El TV Kadsre 4.


El TV Kadsre was founded as Flower Film Production on November 27, 1910, by the Sentanese businessman Ryouichi Matsushita. The company's current CEO is his great-granddaughter, Yoko Matsushita.

El TV Kadsre went public after being purchased by the government of the Vlokozu Union from the Matsushita family in 1979. The Matsushita family created Banushen Television in the meantime, and as a result Banushen Television and El TV Kadsre have had an alliance ever since the Matsushita family regained ownership of El TV Kadsre.

It was sold to MCA in 1987, only to be sold back to the the Matsushita family following El TV Kexit in 1996.

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