The El Kadsreian dollar (EKD) is the official currency of El Kadsre and its insular territories per the El Kadsreian Constitution.


The El Kadsreian yen, introduced on September 27, 1886, was replaced by the dollar on January 10, 1959. The El Kadsreian dollar was the Vlokozu Union's official currency.



Note Obverse design Reverse design Main color Embossing Window image Printed
$5 Elizabeth II Vlokozu Complex Violet "5" 1984-2003
$10 Ryouichi Matsushita Honoka Nakahara Sky Blue "10" 1984-present
$20 Hiroto Hisakawa Yuuko Kato Crimson "20" 1984-present
$50 Hachiro Kurosawa Kaori Kimura Sea Green "50" 1984-present
$100 Michael Vlokozu Susumu Mizushima Gold Wavy lines 1986-present
$200 Hiroshi Kayos Mount Capulco Turquoise Swirly lines 2003-present


Image Value Color Edge Obverse Reverse Minted
1c Bronze Plain Elizabeth II Mahrian mantis 1959-1989
2c El Kadsreian black fish 1959-1989
5c Wats Lake 1959-2014
10c Silver Milled Mahrian orange squid 1959-present
20c Vicnoran tribal elder 1959-present
50c El Kadsreian desert lizard 1959-present
$1 Gold Interupted milled Coat of arms 1967-present
$2 Mount Capulco 1970-present
$5 Platinum Plain Vlokozu Complex 2003-present

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