Two buildings of El Kadsre Medical Centre

The El Kadsre Medical Center buildings, the Royal El Kadsre, constructed in 1970 (left) and El Kadsre Hospital, constructed in 2011 (right)

The El Kadsre Medical Center (EKMC) is a hospital located in El Kadsre City, El Kadsre. Founded in 1918 as Sentan Island Hospital. It was created for El Kadsreians who suffered diseases or injuries, all of which are sent or brought here for treatment.


Known victims and injuries

  • Shouhei Fujita first went to EKMC to recover his knee injuries in 1949. He returned with stomach pain on December 11, 1997, where he was diagnosed with kidney cancer. Shouhei died in his ICU on August 3, 1998. He was 75.
  • Sabrina Mendes went to EKMC to recover her blood bullet injuries in May 2005, after she was shot by her ex-boyfriend Jacob while trying to leave the house.
  • David Hukina was rushed to EKMC after being wounded in a bar fight in 1989, only to die on arrival.