El Kadsre Extras is an entertainment realiy and lifestyle talk show created by Tammy Easton and Jessie Newton and airs on El TV Kadsre 2 since October 7, 1989. The show is about the El Kadsreian culture, foods, themes, politics, items, media and objects, also for United El Kadsreian Nations.


El Kadsre Extras was first premiered on October 7, 1989 on El TV Kadsre 2. The first hosts are Tammy Easton and Jessie Newton. The series was then premiered on Mahri TV2 (now Treet TV2) in April 1990, NEKTV (now EYE TV1) in November 1990, STN (now STN 1) in April 1991, and VTVEN in August 1991.

The original hosts left the show in 1998 for personal reasons.


Current hosts

Former hosts


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