Driller Engine Grand Prix 2x2 (ドリラーエンジングランドプリー2x2 Dorirā Enjin Gurando Purī Tsū Bai Tsū?) (pronounced two by two) is a 2003 go-kart racing game developed by Drillimation Studios and published by Namco. It is the fourth game in the Driller Engine Grand Prix series of kart-racing games, and is the only title to have a mathematical problem in the title instead of a numeral. The game was released in the arcades in June 2003 followed by a release on the PlayStation 2, Xbox, Nintendo GameCube, and home computers in November 2003. An enhanced, high definition remake was released on iOS, Android, and the Hycintho Sea in November 2015. The arcade version is also included in the 2016 compilation of Namco Museum: Drillimation Replay.

The game is primarily based on Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, but with the characters and tracks being from The Drillimation Series. Characters from the Super Mario universe also appear as guest characters on the Nintendo GameCube version. Although the game can be played with four players, every copy of the PlayStation 2 version of the game came packaged with the Multitap due to controller limitations. The game requires 8 blocks on the Nintendo GameCube and Xbox versions or 64KB/MB on the PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Windows to save data.

Driller Engine Grand Prix 2x2 became a critical and financial success in Drillimation's history, receiving universal acclaim and being regarded as one of the best video games of all time by numerous video game magazines. The game received numerous game of the year awards and won the Game of the Year Award for Best Racing Game.


"Double the fun - no quarters required!"
- Official attention grabber for the home console and PC versions

Take all the crazy actions the popular arcade game series has made, and multiply it by two! Welcome to the Double Dash Classic - a tournament that holds two switchable racers on one kart. Select your pair from a huge cast of heroes and villains from the popular animated Drillimation series and see how they fit!

  • It's either friends or foes. Make the experience like the arcade in Co-op Mode with new features such as item stealing and slide attacking.
  • All characters now get a more powerful, special item like a gigantic banana and the classic red shells and mushrooms.
  • Race your pals or duke it out in over 25 tracks and three new battle modes.
  • Get online via Drillimation Online! Link your PlayStation 2/Xbox/Nintendo GameCube to the internet for wild online races and battles!


Driller Engine Grand Prix 2x2 puts players in control of a driver, who drives the kart, and a co-driver, who uses all items and has one character item. There are tournaments which players must race a series of races and win with the most points. The karts have three stats: acceleration, speed, and weight (if chosen as the driver). If co-driver, they have one special item that can fall into one four categories: Shield, Attack, Boost, and Flight.

Every race is timed with three laps, and if the player does not complete a lap within the time limit, the race is lost. Every time a lap is completed, the player is awarded a time extension, allowing more time for the player to complete a lap.

At the end of the Driller Engine Grand Prix mode, there is a special part called Lucky Channel, similar to the one from Magical Girl Team Lucky Star. In this segment, both Akira and Minoru interview both winners of the grand prix, asking both of them a question about the race.


The game is introduced by a narrator (voiced by Susumu Takajima) who talks about the Double Dash Classic tournament and how the tournament is played out. During the narration, the scene depicts Kowars being hit by a spiny shell as soon as he's about to cross the finish line.

Meanwhile at Ryou Gakuen High School of Magic and Drilling in Kasukabe, Saitama, the school begins to lose popularity due to the other schools in Kasukabe taking the lead, and Konata tries to come up with an idea to find a way to increase popularity. Learning that the Driller Engine Grand Prix tournament is popular, she has the school host one in order to attract more. Konata then visits the Drill Institute in Edogawa, Tokyo to speak with Dr. Zett in hosting a Driller Engine Grand Prix in order to increase popularity at the school. The Drill Institute sends letters to everyone across Japan to join the Driller Engine Grand Prix, it even lands in the hands of Susumu Hori and two admins of the now-defunct Team Ankoku hacktivist group, being Keel Sark and Eguri Hatakeyama.

Meanwhile, while the three Team Ankoku admins are planning another cyber attack, Keel announces that he and Eguri have been invited, and Kowars comes up with an idea to sabotage the tournament, thus having Keel create a powerful item from Golden Dristone technology, making the Super Mecha Death Drill. When all the other entrants find out about Team Ankoku spoiling the tournament with their newly-developed shell, they fight back by making their own special items.



  • Lightweight characters provide great acceleration but a low top speed.
  • Middleweight characters provide normal acceleration and speed.
  • Heavyweight characters provide slow acceleration but great speed.
Character 1 Character 2 Kart
Lightweight Lightweight Lightweight
Lightweight Middleweight Middleweight
Middleweight Middleweight Middleweight
Lightweight Heavyweight Heavyweight
Middleweight Heavyweight Heavyweight
Heavyweight Heavyweight Heavyweight

Starting TeamsEdit

Driver Weight Class Accel Weight Speed Driver Weight Class Accel Weight Speed
Leopold Slikk Middleweight 3 3 4 Jake Randolf Middleweight 3 3 3
Leonard Slikk Lightweight 5 1 2 Leonidas Slikk Lightweight 4 2 3
Wataru Hoshi Middleweight 3 4 3 Chuta Bigbang Heavyweight 2 4 4
Keel Sark Heavyweight 1 5 5 Eguri Hatakeyama Lightweight 3 1 4
Konata Izumi Middleweight 4 3 2 Miyuki Takara Middleweight 3 2 3
Kagami Hiiragi Middleweight 4 3 2 Tsukasa Hiiragi Middleweight 3 4 3
Susumu Hori Middleweight 3 3 3 Anna Hottenmeyer Lightweight 5 2 1
Taizo Hori Heavyweight 2 5 4 Ataru Hori Heavyweight 2 3 4
James Rolfe Heavyweight 2 4 4 Mike Matei Heavyweight 3 4 3
B.S. Man Heavyweight 1 4 4 Kyle Justin Heavyweight 2 4 5
Kagami Ochiai Lightweight 4 2 2 Kumiko Uchida Lightweight 5 2 1
Shira Katsumoto Lightweight 4 2 2 Rikka Katsumoto Lightweight 5 2 1

Unlockable TeamsEdit

Team Unlocking Criteria
WIP WIP Win Keyboard Cup on Difficult
Harold Slikk Phegelnine
WIP WIP Win Trigon Cup on Difficult
Pachee Usagi
WIP Win Lucky Star Cup on Difficult
Yutaka Zhong Minami Iwasaki
WIP WIP Win Drill Cup on Difficult
Holinger-Z Puchi
WIP Win Nerd Cup on Difficult
Fred Fuchs Takumi Hearthcliffe
Win Crystal Cup on Difficult
Susumu Takajima Megumi Wasai

Console Exclusive TeamsEdit

These teams are exclusive to their respective consoles. They can be enabled in the PC version of the game with a legitimate mod. The first team is unlocked by completing all cups on Easy, and the other is unlocked by completing all cups on Normal.

GameCube exclusive teams:

  • Mario and Luigi
  • Peach and Toad

Xbox exclusive teams:

  • Banjo and Kazooie
  • Conker and Berri

PlayStation 2 exclusive teams:

  • Ratchet and Clank
  • Crash Bandicoot and Coco Bandicoot

DLC TeamsEdit

These teams are available for download on the iOS, Android, and Hyacintho versions of the game. They include:

Team Part of Release date
PC Guy and Eric Pearson Driller Engine Grand Prix X Comedy World February 2016
Chrome and Hope Driller Engine Grand Prix X Chrome's Show of Chromeyness March 2016
Frisk and Sans Driller Engine Grand Prix X Undertale April 2016
Reimu Hakurei and Marisa Kirisame Driller Engine Grand Prix X Touhou Project May 2016
Flandre Scarlet and Remilia Scarlet Driller Engine Grand Prix X Touhou Project 2 June 2016
Sooty and Sweep Driller Engine Grand Prix X Sooty June 2016
Honoka Kousaka and Nico Yazawa Driller Engine Grand Prix X Love Live! School Idol Project July 2016
Cirno and Daiyousei Driller Engine Grand Prix X Touhou Project 3 July 2016
Shinobu Omiya and Alice Cartelet Driller Engine Grand Prix X Kin-iro Mosiac August 2016
Haruhiko Ichijou and Mai Kawakami Driller Engine Grand Prix X Myriad Colors Phantom World September 2016

Rival CharactersEdit

In arcade mode, the player has two other characters for their rivals. Each character has two rival characters:

Character Rival 1 Rival 2
Leopold Slikk Konata Izumi Leonard Slikk
Wataru Hoshi Miyuki Takara Keel Sark
Konata Izumi Wataru Hoshi Eguri Hatakeyama
Susumu Hori Keel Sark Takumi Hearthcliffe
James Rolfe Fred Fuchs Susumu Hori
Kagami Ochiai Takumi Hearthcliffe Kyle Justin


Course Theme Genre Signature Character
Keyboard Cup
Driller Gardens Chuhou Project Circuit Susumu Takajima
Freakout Falls Angry German Kid Jungle Leonard Slikk
Megumi Hills Chuhou Project Highway/City Megumi Wakui
Guy City Speedway Star Trigon Stadium Chuta Bigbang
Trigon Cup
Wataru Circuit Star Trigon Circuit Wataru Hoshi
Passive Farm Angry Video Game Nerd Farm/Ranch B.S. Man
Musical Caverns Chuhou Project Music Kagami Ochiai
Yutaka Bazaar Lucky Star Park/Festival Yutaka Kobayakawa
Lucky Star Cup
Anna's Factory Mr. Driller Factory Anna Hottenmeyer
Konata Beach Lucky Star Vacation Resort Konata Izumi
Takanomiya Park Lucky Star Park Minami Iwasaki
Kumiko Desert Chuhou Project Desert Kumiko Uchida
Drill Cup
Kagami Bridge Lucky Star Highway/City Kagami Hiiragi
Susumu Circuit Mr. Driller Circuit Susumu Hori
Shira Cruiser Chuhou Project Vacation Resort Shira Katsumoto
Gangster Stadium Angry German Kid Stadium Jake Randolf
Nerd Cup
Miyuki's Ice World Lucky Star Snow/Winter Miyuki Takara
Tsukasa City Lucky Star Highway/City Tsukasa Hiiragi
James Circuit Angry Video Game Nerd Circuit James Rolfe
Taizo Mountain Mr. Driller Jungle Taizo Hori
Crystal Cup
Hacker Collosseum Angry German Kid Stadium Leopold Slikk
Wolf Rock Jungle Mr. Driller Jungle Ataru Hori
Dr. Manhole's Fortress Mr. Driller Castle/Fortress Keel Sark
Rainbow Road Driller Engine Grand Prix Space/Rainbow Nanako Kuroi