If playing for the first timeEdit

  • Dialog Box: Welcome to Creation Universe!
    • This is likely your first visit.
    • Please enter your name.
    • Thanks! Your file will now be saved to the memory card.
    • Please make your selection.

If returningEdit

  • Dialog Box: Welcome back to Creation Universe!
    • Please make your selection.

Arcade modeEdit

  • Akira: Welcome to the arcade mode!
    • Before we start, let's answer a few questions.
    • How many players will be playing?
    • Please select the characters the players will use.
    • Select the area to play on!
    • Edit the settings!
      • How many turns will the game be played for?
      • Want to award bonuses at the end of the game?
    • Okay, it looks like you are all set. Let's go!

Akira's Midway MadnessEdit

  • Akira: Hiya, luckies! We're here at Drillimation Central: It's Akira's Midway Madness!
    • I love amusement parks, so we designed our board to make it look like one!
    • Now time for the boring explanations from my assistant, Minoru Shiraishi.
  • Minoru: Well, the Event Spaces are packed with things that can make you win a lot of coins.
    • Let me explain a few to you:
      • There's a roller coaster that you can ride to get to the other side of the board. You have to pay five coins to ride it, but you can collect the coins you see on the ride!
      • Also, the Lucky Star Kingdom brings you a chance minigame where you can throw a ball down a chute and have it give you an item.
      • And lastly, the Angry Video Game Nerd offers a merry-go-round that can give you items. However, you must time it right in order to receive the item you want.
    • That's all there is to explain.
  • Akira: Thank you, thank you.
    • Let's see who goes first!

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