"Your attention over here, please. As part of the coronation, please welcome Princess Konata, the daughter of Queen Kanata and King Soujirou!"
- Minami Iwasaki, shortly before Konata's coronation

The Coronation of the Izumi Clan (戴冠の泉一族 Taikan no Izumi-ichizoku?) as monarch took place on March 2000. Konata ascended the throne as the princess at the age of 16, upon the death of the previous monarch. The coronation took almost ten years after the death of the previous monarch, because of the need for a reincarnated body that coronations require.


For the one-day ceremony, there were a few months of preparation to go through. The first was a meeting with Minami Iwasaki about having a girl as part of the kingdom in years. Before the preparations concluded, Kanata Izumi's dead body was reincarnated in order to run the kingdom. The coronation was announced after the reincarnation, and that the kingdom would become revived with that new monarch.

Kanata was commissioned to design the outfits for all members of the Izumi clan, especially the gown Konata would wear at the ceremony. However, she and a few others had trouble coming up with designs for Konata. The colors were then chosen through process of elimination. Comparing these colors used in royal events in the past and the ones used in fiction, they decided on the color red. Konata's gloves were finalized as yellow after Minami threatened to make them the same color as her gown.