The Charlesland Republic, also known as Charlesland, is a country and sovereign state in North America. It has 15 provinces. The native language is English. It is located beside the United El Kadsreian Nations.


Prehistory: 31st century-1728Edit

US colonization: 1728-1864Edit

Independence and Liberty: 1864-1941Edit

The country has become independent in 1864 and renamed as "Charlesland Republic".

Military war: 1941-1946Edit

Current revolution: 1946-presentEdit


The economy of the Charlesland Republic has $10.1 trillion.



Television in the Charlesland Republic has commercial broadcasters: Network7, CHT, UniTV, GBS, etc.

Radio in the Charlesland Republic has broadcasters: Radio Charlesland Network, Sphere Radio Entertainment, RadioUnite, etc.


The population of the Charlesland Republic has 100 million residents.

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