El Kadsre

The year 2000 was celebrated by midnight fireworks lit across the country at the same time, bringing a spectacular show enough to wake up sleeping citizens, and concerts were held across the country. Many people opted to look at street clocks which displayed a countdown to the new year (as it happens since 1987).

There was crisis regarding celebrations of 2000. On December 1, 1999, the El Kadsreian government has approved celebration of 2000 but has banned mentioning and referencing of the millennium rollover by linking it to 2000. Thus, the millennium rollover was actually celebrated on January 1, 2001, because the government regularly disrespects popular culture because it claims that it brings lies.

Normally, as in the other years, television stations aired special programming: El TV Kadsre 1, RGN, Viva and CPN would air the president's speech at 15 minutes to midnight, all other programs were either films, entertainment forms or music.


North El Kadsre


The Gyönyörű Földünk leader Gábor Horváth gave a New Years Speech where he warned dissidents "they will disappear if they cause any more trouble."