• PakkuMan47

    Can someone please tell me why everyone on here is making fictional countries? Is this like a fetish or something? I still don't know why the majority of this wiki is dedicated to both countries and really strange television stations or something. PakkuMan47 (talk) 20:56, August 13, 2017 (UTC)

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  • Blue91233

    I just want to let you know that official titles of two unnamed upcoming Technic Heroes movies will be revealed in September 1.

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  • EsaïeOnWikia

    Kensland: 1,294,580

    Simerica: 1,352,570

    Yinyangia: 520,210

    Minecraftia: 1,408,690

    Goiky: 926,547

    Kittenoliva 1,748,480

    Charlesland Republic: 430,490

    Wallce: 592,190

    Azara: 1,380,309

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  • EsaïeOnWikia


    El Kadsre: 357,230

    Sentan: 92,470

    Mahri: 70,128

    Vicnora: 60,437

    North El Kadsre: 30,108

    For Blue91233

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  • Jimmy4164 on Wikia

    Hello guys! This is me, and I have an announcement to make! I'm changing my username to Jimmy4164 on Wikia on August 6th! But don't worry, I'm still working on wikia! So anyways, this is me, signing out! :)

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  • PakkuMan47


    July 31, 2017 by PakkuMan47

    Fun fact: telling me I'm a "Crimsonite" isn't going to make me feel bad. In fact, it makes me laugh.

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  • Blue91233


    July 21, 2017 by Blue91233

    Okay. I want everyone to tell me what Storybots really is. Do not tell me it is a North El Kadsreian ripoff of that show that is the part of Technic Heroes.

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  • BigSpinCoaster

    Six Flags Astroworld was a Six Flags owned amusement park in Houston Texas that had closed in real life in 2005.

    Here are my predictions on what if Six Flags Astroworld had never closed.

    I plan to use some my fanon stuff in Astroworld's Wikifanon page.

    • All of the rides that SFAW had at during time of park's closure would not have been relocated to other park or scrapped in 2006.
    • In 2007. SFAW adds a "Thomas Town" themed kiddie land.
    • In 2008, Viper gets scrapped and replaced by a B&M florless coaster named "Bizarro".
    • In 2011, Thomas Town gets rethemed to Whistlestop Park
    • In 2012, Texas Cyclone closes
    • In 2013, Wicked Texas Cyclone opens as a replacement for Texas Cyclone and a clone of Superman: Ultimate Flight from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom is adde…
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  • PakkuMan47

    Okay, so I've been pretty inactive for a while now, mostly because my IP address is still banned for a reason I'm against.

    Anyway, I was pondering about this for a while now and I'm currently still thinking about making this decison, but I'm planning to leave this wiki and remove all of my content soon. I might be doing this since I'm quite irritated by some things on this wiki (which for the sake of privacy I will not bother to mention) and that I don't really have anything to post. Sure, I have some stuff for my Forcefield Entertainment crap I could be doing, but the fact is I'm really scrapping the bottom of the barrel for ideas and that isn't really fun to do.

    I think the main reason I'm leaving is of a few things about this wiki that I'…

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  • PakkuMan47

    Another blog post

    June 6, 2017 by PakkuMan47

    A bit random, but I was wondering if one on the wiki would like to aid me in creating pages for Forcefield Jaleco Holdings as it would be harder for me to do it myself. Anyone can submit their ideas for various games and I may approve them to be added. PakkuMan47 (talk) 17:02, June 6, 2017 (UTC)

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  • PakkuMan47

    Since I have no clue what logo to use for my fictional company Forcefield Jaleco Holdings, I decided to allow everyone on the wiki to vote for themselves to see which logo would be suitable for the company.

    Which one do you think is the best? Vote below in the comments. PakkuMan47 (talk) 16:35, June 1, 2017 (UTC)

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  • CoolGamer23

    Hey drillers!

    I want a few fellow drillers here to work on Touhou Project: The Animated Series. Dump your ideas in the comments.

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  • PakkuMan47

    I'm back, peeps

    May 18, 2017 by PakkuMan47

    After making some agreements with admins, I finally was allowed to return to the site. Techinically I was already making stuff even after my ban since I used my work computer (and I used it to make actual pages) which had a different IP address, whatever that means. I'm not at all here to start more vandalism like last time; I'm here to actually construct a encyclopedia and to show my creativity to everyone. I'm now following the Rules of Conduct and I hope I can get along with everyone.

    -Pacman47 (now PakkuMan47)

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  • CoolGamer23

    Hey drillers! I finally made it to 2,000 edits!

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  • EsaïeOnWikia


    May 7, 2017 by EsaïeOnWikia


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  • Eloc08

    Azara Pictures

    May 2, 2017 by Eloc08

    Me and AmazingTLM are making Azara Pictures' films such as Lollipop, Tim-Tom, Rocking University, etc.

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  • CoolGamer23

    Exams next week.

    April 1, 2017 by CoolGamer23

    Hi, this is Driller from the administration team.

    This is to let you know that my activity on the will be limited all of next week due to exams. Please review the schedule below so you can check the times that I will be active!

    Icon Description
    Driller is active or semi-active during these times.
    Driller is occasionally active during these periods.
    Driller is inactive during these periods.
    Day Timestamp
    AM PM
    12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
    April 2 (Sunday)

    April 3 - 5 (Monday - Wednesday)

    April 6 and 7 (Thursday and Friday)

    April 8 (Saturday)

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  • AmazingTLM


    November 4, 2016 by AmazingTLM

    Hello! I am working on creating and editing my fictional pages... Charlesland Republic is my one of fictional countries in Petallansia region. I will put Petallansian logos on Logofanonpedia. :-)

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