"Can you guess something for today. Then play the new game! Hi, I'm Kenny, and play your new game! BINGO!"

Bingo is an unsold 1979 pilot based on the Bingo game hosted by Kenny Williams, developed and produced by Robert Noah for Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley Productions, and it was taped for NBC on November 14, 1979 in Burbank.


Four contestants played Bingo. A contestant won Bingo with prizes.

Main Game

A contestant must played Bingo. The center space is "FREE". Each Bingo chip has a number from 1 to 75 and a letter in the word "BINGO" printed on it. A bingo chip must find the numbers to place a numbers. A contestant has won by completing a row, column or diagonal. They also play in the audience as well. However if they won a contestant says "Bingo!"

Bonus Round

The bonus round is akin to the main game, only faster before it times out.


"This is Kenny Williams saying, thank you for playing Bingo. Bye-bye, and this has been a Merrill Heatter-Bob Quigley production." - Kenny's goodbye


  • Jack Clark was mentioned on host on ticket, but it was fired between the ticket printing and pilot. Clark's hosting duties went to Heatter-Quigley announcer Kenny Williams.
  • This is Kenny Williams' only hosting job.
  • The main theme for the pilot is the same one used on The Magnificent Marble Machine.
  • The time-up's buzzer for the pilot is the same one used on Wheel of Fortune and the 1978 version of High Rollers.