"BEAT THE CLOCK! (Insert contestants) Now your host, ROSS SHAFER!" - Dean Goss

Beat the Clock is a 1989 unsold revival of the 1950 series hosted by Ross Shafer, announced by Dean Goss, produced by Chester Feldman for Mark Goodson Productions, and it was taped at CBS Television City on February 6, 1989, as the network is looking to take down the Bob Eubanks revival of Card Sharks, but it was lost to the Chuck Henry 1989 revival of Now You See It, but cancelled shortly and replaced with the Bob Goen run of Wheel of Fortune.


The gameplay looks identical/combination of the 1969 and 1979 versions hosted by Jack Narz/Gene Wood and Monty Hall.


  • Dean Goss' closing signoff doesn't use his name, rather saying as "Beat the Clock. A Mark Goodson Television Production."
  • The music is an abridged version of the Trivia Trap theme.
  • The sounds are the same as on the 1986 pilot of On a Roll.