Azara (/əzɑˈrə/) (Azaran: Atçaunt) is a North American island country located southwest of Mexico and east of the United El Kadsreian Nations.

History Edit

Prehistory: 112th centuryEdit

American colonization: 1720-1867Edit

Republic of Azara: 1867-1945Edit

Northern and Southern Azara: 1945-1975Edit

After World War II and invasion, they caused split into two nations, North and South Azara.

Modern Azara: 1975-presentEdit

It became reunification of Azara after merge of two nations.

Economy Edit

Culture Edit

Media Edit

The commercial television networks are: ATN, DBS, QBC, PTV4, etc.

Film companies are: Azara Pictures (national), CityFilms, etc.

Population Edit

Climate Edit

People/Trends Edit

Events Edit

Politics Edit

Schools Edit

  • The school week is from Monday to Friday.

Sports Edit

This Landscape Edit

  • The tallest mountain is Mount Azara.
  • The largest lake is Lake Azara.
  • The longest (and widest) river is the Azara River.

Incidents Edit

Technology Edit

  • Azara's cars drive on the right, similar to the United States.
  • Azara's standard plug sockets are Type A and B, similar to the United States.
  • Azara's official (and national) web browsers are AzaraWeb (primary) and SparPage (secondary).
  • Azara has two operating systems called Azara OS (most popular, national, official, and primary), and UE-OS (secondary).

Crime Edit

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