Axiom is a Finnish mobile operating company owned by Lastecom Group. They own 25% of DNA Oyj.


As Lastecom FinlandEdit

Started in 2015, Lastecom launched its Finnish service.

As AxiomEdit

In March 2017, Lastecom Group announced to acquire a combined 68.92% stake in DNA Oyj from a consortium consisting of PHP Holding Oy, Anvia Oyj, Ilmarinen, Lohjan Puhelin and Danske Bank AS's Helsinki branch. Shortly after, they acquired 29.42% from the public, announcing the privatization of DNA Oyj.

They also announced to merge Nordea Fennia Fund into Laserium Bank Group, with Telebusiness Inwest Oy, Holding Oy Visio, Rival XV Invest Oy, Ficolo Oy, Puhelinpartnerit Oy, Oy Omnitele Ab, Finda Oy, PHP Holding and Lohjan Puhelin into Lastecom Group itself.

However, in June 2017, they announced to sell 73.34% of the company to Elo, a Finnish mutual pension insurance company.

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