"Your triumphs and praises award you points, while any antics and rule-breaking make you lose them."
- Ryan Tenmetsu, explaining them

Alignment Points are a system used at Minecraftia High School which award points to students who do good deeds, usually by participating in class, winning a sporting event, or scoring a high score on a test. They can also be lost from antics as well. The points are tallied on a screen in the foyer of the school, and every alignment starts with twenty points. The color depends on the alignment; red for Honoodan, yellow for Tsuchidan, green for Kazedan, and blue for Mizudan. Students collect points for their alignment, and the alignment that gets the most at the end of a term wins a medal. Teachers and staff have the ability to add or remove points from students.

Notable point gains/losses

Student Alignment Authority Outcome Date Reason
Susumu Takajima Honoodan Unknown 1 deducted April 5, 2004 Arriving late to class.
Kagami Ochiai 1 awarded Telling the class about her relationship with Driller.
Susumu Takajima Honoodan Ryan Tenmetsu 20 deducted May 13, 2004 Recoloring one of the sprites from Hearthcliffe's game and using them in derived works.
Susumu Takajima Honoodan Ryan Tenmetsu 5 awarded May 18, 2004 Reporting that Joey tried to drink his Mountain Dew.
Joey Belmont Kazedan 5 deducted Attempting to drink Driller's Mountain Dew.
Susumu Takajima Honoodan Meito Mareika 10 awarded June 14, 2004 Eating an entire pizza.
Mineplex Honoodan Team Daisuke Kameda All deducted March 17, 2006 Disguising themselves as shinkuns to terrorize Minecraftia High School.
Mineplex Tsuchidan Team
Mineplex Mizudan Team
Mineplex Kazedan Team
Minecraftia Honoodan Team Ryan Tenmetsu All awarded from Mineplex March 20, 2006 Given as compensation from Kameda.
Minecraftia Tsuchidan Team
Minecraftia Mizudan Team
Minecraftia Kazedan Team