"Think about this, Akari. Don't imagine some five-year-old boy who would transform from a small child to an old man in just a few seconds."
- Haruki Nijimoto, describing it

The Ageing Orb (老化球体 Rōka Kyūtai?, lit. Senescent sphere or Ageing sphere) is a food found within the 1991 novel Akari Kagamine and the Rainbow Mirror. Upon eating the food, the consumer grows older by one year. The effects cannot be reversed once they have taken effect, and are found in limited supply.


In the novelEdit

"Remember Akari, once you receive these orbs' effects, you can't change it back."
- Haruki Nijimoto, warning Akari about the effects

In the novel, Haruki mentions the orbs were used many times throughout history, although there were no documented instances of it. The orbs played a crucial niche in the battle between Akari and Nurr D. Wort. Haruki introduced Akari to these orbs after he used it to ascend his kingdom's throne after he lost his mother when he was younger. Before Akari consumed the orbs, she was asked to think of her happiest memories before consuming, as consumers must have them in order to consume and receive its effects.

Physical appearanceEdit

The orb is just basically white with a cyan jello-like substance around it. The white orb inside appears to be moving, generally waiting for someone to eat it. Attempting to kill the organism inside turns out unsuccessful, as it will simply multiply into the fragments of it, simply to make more.


"Immediately, her insides starting wriggling as if an earthquake struck inside her body. Next came a painful sensation across her body as her cells multiplied in rapid succession, her hands and feet grew larger, her chest, legs, and arms expanded as if an animal broke out of its cage, her hair had grown a ton down past her feet with it turning from a rainbow tint to a luminous color, and her voice was permanently modified. She had transformed from a high school girl into a beautiful young woman in her early twenties! Her appearance was nearly attractable by any man, including Haruki."
- Description of Akari's effects

The effects of one dose will age the consumer one year into their future, and eating multiple ones will simply age the consumer multiple years. The effects can also be done by throwing the orbs into water and letting them sit there, and any person who goes inside would receive the effects as well.

After receiving the effects, the user will not continue aging until they reach the age they targeted.

Side effectsEdit

Asides from the regular effects, the orbs had posed a series of side effects upon consumption. The orbs greater increase the risk of pneumonia if taken excessively, and can in rare cases cause vision loss and deafness.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The orbs could be one of the main reasons why Haruki wanted to marry Akari. Asides from Akari losing Haruki before Haruki's transformation, Akari actually loved Haruki, and Haruki loved her as much as she did.