Aboto-Kun (アボトクン?), known in North America as Mr. Robo, is a series of platformer video games developed by Forcefield Entertainment (now known as Forcefield Jaleco Holdings). The first game in the series, Aboto-Kun, was released for the Family Computer in June of 1987 in Japan. The series is known outside of Japan as Mr. Robo and has appeared in several Forcefield video games, mostly as cameos. The series received several sequels, beginning with the Family Computer game Aboto-Kun Jr. (Mr. Robo Junior is North America).

The series has been well-received over the years for it’s creativity and originality, and has been included in several compilations since it’s release, including BS Aboto-Kun Collection in 1996 for the Super Famicom peripheral Satellaview, Aboto-Kun Anthology for the Nintendo 64 in 1998, and Forcefield Archives in 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Games Edit

  • Aboto-Kun (1987)
  • Aboto-Kun Jr. (1988)
  • Super Aboto-Kun (1991)
  • Super Aboto-Kun Jr. (1993)
  • Aboto-Kun Saturn Patton (1997)
  • Aboto-Kun 2x2 (2004)
  • Aboto-Kun no BishiBishi (2010)
  • Aboto-Kun in Panic Paradise (2017)

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