Act OneEdit

  • (The episode opens up on the drive that the Izumi Clan lives on at night. The camera then focuses on Soujirou walking down a sidewalk towards his home feeling weepy while holding an infant Konata. While walking down, Taizo and Masuyo show up while Soujirou is filled with comfort.)
  • Soujirou: I should've known you would come.
  • Masuyo: Good evening Mr. Soujirou Izumi. I doubt this. Are these rumors true?
  • Taizo: Actually, yeah. It's actually good and bad.
  • Masuyo: What about the girl?
  • Soujirou: She's fine. This little tyke fell asleep as we were walking down the street.
  • Masuyo: Soujirou, would she be safe with you? You tend to be one of the pickiest sort of muggles imaginable. She'll probably be the only family member she would live with.
  • Soujirou: Ah Masuyo, her relationship is probably going to be mixed.
  • Taizo: This girl's gonna be famous. We've never seen an infant survive one of Team Ankoku's invasions. Perhaps she might like my son Ataru!
  • Soujirou: I'm guessing yes. As you can see, there is an ahoge visible from my wife's sacrifice.
  • Taizo: Okay, we'll see you some later time. (faces Konata) And Konata Izumi, good luck.
  • (Exit scene, the scene fades to Konata at the age of thirteen. A narrator begins speaking as short images of Konata as a child are seen.)
  • Narrator: This is the story of a beautiful girl named Konata Izumi who goes from a half-orphaned girl to becoming one of the most famous drillers as ranked by the Driller Institute. When she was five months old, her mother was killed by who? You guessed it - it was Dr. Manhole, who actually did this after he heard a prophecy that she could defeat him. From that, he set out to murder the Izumi clan. He managed to get Kanata Izumi, who is Konata's mother but failed to get Konata herself and her father after one of his spell cards rebounded and hit him. Her story unfolds on her thirteenth birthday when she learns for the first time that she is a driller, and is asked to join the Drill Institute. And now at the age of sixteen, Konata shall learn her lesson of being a professional driller!

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