The 2007 Anthrax Attacks (2007年炭疽進撃 Nisen nana-nen Tanso Shingeki?) occurred on January 31, 2007 when a young girl in the Mizudan alignment was sent to the hospital after sucking on a green lollipop containing anthrax. The creator of the lollipops also intended to target Minecraftia High School, mainly the couple of Susumu Takajima and Kagami Ochiai, but failed to do so.



After the many failures that Hearthcliffe experienced, he wanted to eliminate Driller once more. This time, he came up with an idea with a lollipop containing anthrax in order to eliminate him.


On the Wednesday the attack happened, the victim was given a green lollipop. Sucking on it, she began to feel ill.

Arrest and trialEdit

Sassy Otaku was arrested on April 2, 2007 following the search purge of capturing Team Crimson hackers. She was charged for attempted murder and possession of illegal drugs. She was tried on April 10, 2007. She was found guilty and sentenced to four years in prison as well as twelve years of probation.